So This is what he does in his spare time...

Well, I don't know if you all saw, but Jonny, who is supposed to be doing responsible things at his internship in North Carolina, hacked into my blogger account and changed the colors of my blog. This is what it looked like BEFORE I figured out what happened:

You can even see the post he made right below this one. He didn't make the text pink in his post, but as a reminder to myself to be more careful in future, I changed to pink for him.

This particular prank was very frightening to me, because as you know, my background is a custom one that blogger does not offer so the colors are not the same as the blogger colors. Which means, I had to take a screen capture snapshot of my blog, open it in a picture editing software, use the eyedropper tool to find the HTML code of the color I needed, and then apply that to my blogger color settings.

If this hadn't worked, I would've had to make an entirely new background which would've deleted all my sidebar elements... and then I wouldn't be so forgiving.

btw, Jonny, THIS MEANS WAR!!!!!!!! I encourage you all to view Jonny's blog now, I'm sure after my few minor tweaks it's much more interesting:

-Graydon L
Hello this is Jonny

I found out that Graydon didn't log out of his blogger account on this computer so now I can completely mess with your blog.


My New Airsoft Gun!

OK, so I ordered a new gas blowback pistol from Airsoft GI last week and it came just yesterday! If you don't know what a gas blowback pistol is, basically, the magazine not only holds BBs, it holds a type of gas called greengas (or redgas or propane). When you pull the trigger, the mag releases the gas into the chamber and it fires the BB.

These are the most common types of side arm amongst serious airsofters, and I thought I join the ranks :)

I got the KJ Works replica M9 pistol simply because it was the highest rated gun in my price range. If I had the money I would've gotten a Tokyo Marui brand gun because they're the best gas blow back guns out there, but I didn't, so I couldn't :P

btw, the video wasn't working for me on the blog, so here's a link to youtube where you can watch it.

Hope y'all liked it!

-Graydon L

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