My New Airsoft Gun!

OK, so I ordered a new gas blowback pistol from Airsoft GI last week and it came just yesterday! If you don't know what a gas blowback pistol is, basically, the magazine not only holds BBs, it holds a type of gas called greengas (or redgas or propane). When you pull the trigger, the mag releases the gas into the chamber and it fires the BB.

These are the most common types of side arm amongst serious airsofters, and I thought I join the ranks :)

I got the KJ Works replica M9 pistol simply because it was the highest rated gun in my price range. If I had the money I would've gotten a Tokyo Marui brand gun because they're the best gas blow back guns out there, but I didn't, so I couldn't :P

btw, the video wasn't working for me on the blog, so here's a link to youtube where you can watch it.

Hope y'all liked it!

-Graydon L


SamuelY said...

Hey Graydon,

Loved the video! Very Daniel Gardner-esque.

Great editing, I really liked how you kept it interesting and entertaining all the way through even for someone who wasn't specifically interested in the gun.

If you haven't already, I would send this over to AirsoftGi, I think it is definitely good enough to get put up on their website as a video review...

As for the mag, it seems to be working fine, do you think I should take the chance of opening it up or just leave good enough alone?



Kilted Fiddler said...


Your handling of the handgun was abominable! At 7 minutes in your presentation, you have just placed a mag in the gun and very shortly thereafter put your finger on the trigger. That is very bad! You must always use indexing! I hope you learned that at your hunter training.

On another note: very nice handgun! Love the realism about itand how all the parts seem to operate much like its real counterparts. Looking forward to see it in action!

Graydon L said...

@Sam, Thanks! I didn't mean it to be like that, I just had about twice as much footage as time so I just started cutting out the "uhms and ahs". It actually worked better than I thought, so I kept doing it! Even though it came down to two minutes under the maximum for YouTube.

As for your magazine, the part that came off isn't all that important, its basically just a stop to make a gear stay on. But it's not like that gear is going anywhere, it's trapped in between two walls inside the mag, so it's not all that important. However, in the future it could be more vital as your magazine get bumped around and such. If you can get it to me on Saturday when I see you, I'll fix it and clean it that night and have it back on Sunday for you.

I'll contact Airsoft GI about putting up on the site! That's a great idea! Talk about bragging rights!

@Jonathan, Not only was I ready to shoot... the safety was still on :)

Also, operational safeties are FAR more reliable than trigger stops.

sorry to burst your bubble :)

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