Highlight #29

Hey y'all, I regret to announce that your favorite bloger (me) just lost the "Genius of the week" contest this week, It turns out that the puzzle's letters were separated and spread around throughout the post, I didn't catch it because (and I know this sounds like a lame excuse) some websites letters show up in italics once in awhile, just one letter, like this: blah blah blah. Thusly, I didn't notice the letters show up in the word every now and again. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here to see the post.

I'm also a bit disappointed that nothing happened exciting happened today, except that I'm making a movie for school about the history of Chemistry and Chemists. I'm toying with a title perhaps the 5 most influential Chemists in History, or maybe, 400 years of Chemistry in 10 minutes, I'm kind of leaning toward the 5-chemist thing, so I started working on Robert Boyle's allotted 2 minutes today. If you think you have a good Idea for my clip, feel free to comment to this post, your ideas will be welcomed.

Well, that's pretty well all there is, right now, maybe something will come up tomorrow, that will be considered Blog-worthy. See ya' later!

-Graydon L

Highlight #28

Hey y'all, I got back from my ski trip up on Chrystal Mountain today, I got back at around 5PM I think, give or take a few minutes. I had a great time but there was one hitch; just a while back I bought some skis for $30 at a garage sale (that's a steal by the way, they were K2 brand!) and they came with boots, polls, etc. anyway, I got 'em out for the trip and they looked OK to me. Well, we get up to the lodge, I put my ski boots on and everything, I go to put my boot onto my ski and it doesn’t fit! So we go inside and pay $20 to get them adjusted to my boot. Surprise! "This boot is too big for this ski, you need to have your ski bindings spread apart more", another $40. So we stand around awhile and the fixer-repair-guy says, "oh-man... uh this is goin' to take, like, uh... another 30 to 40 minutes or so, man... I ran into a bit of a problem." so we finally decided to rent skis for $20 (the guy gave us $15 bucks off the regular price of $35 for our trouble, so that was cool) anyway, those of you who have been doing the math now know how much those skis REALLY cost... (Drum roll please)... a grand total of $120 over the course of 6 months... ouch. Who says garage sales are cheap. Still $120 bucks is still really good for a pair of K2s so it wasn't that bad, I suppose. Well before I go I would like to introduce to you my first on-blog video: Powder King.

In case you didn't notice, I mentioned Sam and Matt in the "Special Thanks to" section. I did this because Matt got me started in making home videos in the first place, and Sam gave me the idea of making a ski vid by filming a few videos and putting them on his blog, So... Thanks Guys.

Enjoy the Video!

-Graydon L

P.S. Make sure you have the speakers pluged in because music is a major part in this movie.

Highlight #27

Hey y'all, I am REALLY excited for several reasons; first, I won the "Genius of the week contest on Sam's blog (that's a link by the way), so now I'm the Genius of the week. Second, I'm going skiing tomorrow at the Christal mountain ski lodge tomorrow! and third, I made yet another Transformer out of Lego, here's the Pictures I promised you yesterday.

This is a picture of all the Vehicles in their "disguised" state.

This Picture is of the vehicles starting to transform. They look a little weird right now, but that's only because they are only half-way done.

All the robots are fully transformed but they are still laying on the ground.

These are the completely transformed vehicles. I hope you are all duly impressed at such engineering marvels as the ones I have created.
Oh-yeah, one more thing, All the snow is gone! completely gone! We were supposed to get more snow last night but instead we got rain (phooey). maybe we'll get some more tomorrow.

-Graydon L

P.S. as you have already read above, I am going skiing tomorrow, and so I'll be gone all day, please excuse my laziness if I don't post tomorrow. thank you.

Highlight #26

Hey y'all, It snowed last night! only about an inch, but the weather forecast says that there is more snow on the way tonight! here's some pics I took while Mom and I were out on a walk:

this is looking out onto a small patch of woods in a different subdivision than the one I live in.

this is a pond in the already mentioned neighborhood. you can see some ducks out on the ice toward the right.

Close-up shot of said ducks.

It was so cold my head froze!

And then it broke off!!!!! AAAAAAAAAA!!!!

As you can see, I love snow. and all the laughs that come along with it. :-)

Anyway, I should go, I made some transformers out of Lego today, and i want to make some more to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Lego brick. I'll post the pictures of my transformers tomorrow. See ya'

-Graydon L

Highlight #25

Hey y'all, I'm back! Mom and I just got back from my brother Ryan's place, and Jonny is going to stay there for 2 1/2 weeks, That means I get his room, his stuff, his airsoft gun, his banana chair, his share of dinner, the Office computer all to myself, his CD player, his pillows, his room, his skate board, his scroll saw... ah bliss... It's not that I don't like him, but I just doubled my personal belongings in 3 days so I'm pretty happy. to bad I only get it for a few weeks... oh well, he has to come back sometime. If you have to email him, I'll be checking his email daily so expect an answer from me, not Jonny. Well I have to go, I'm going upstairs to take a look at all my new stuff (hee-hee). See ya'

-Graydon L

Highlight #24

Hey y'all, We're just about to drive up to my brother Ryan's house in Canada to drop Jonny off. A it stand though Jonny won't be staying for a month, just a week and a half (phooey). Dad says he might take a day off work this week so he and I can go skiing, love Skiing, it's my favorite sport. Anyway, I just shut down GL's Journal, so if you wanted to get one last look at it...tough it's gone. Well, I had better go now, I probably won't be able to post tonight because we'll be at my brothers house with no easy access to a computer, I might be able to post, but probably not. See Ya'

-Graydon L

Highlight #23

Hey y'all, here's the picture I promised you yesterday:

This is a square, I'm not sure if you can make it out but he blue square around it should help.

This is a triangle, same as before-look at the blue triangle.

Here is a star i just cut out. I was trying to make it a 5-pointed star but Have you ever tried scroll sawing out a 5-pointed star? It's hard! anyway, the blue square on the left shows a magnification of the star itself.

This is, in my mind, the coolest of the four different "sculptures" I did. On the left is a magnification of the original (right) In case you're wondering, I chose the letter "I" because it stands for "ice" and it would be relatively easy.

Well That's all for today, I have a killer stomach ache right now so I guess I should go. I'll post again tomorrow. See ya'

-Graydon L

Highlight #22

Hey y'all, today was a normal day in the Langford home, I drew about 20 or-so Airforce country ID insignias, Then my mom wanted to take a nap, so Jonny and I went outside for our daily exercise. when we came in we found some ice and tried to cut it into shapes using Jonny's scroll saw (all together now, COOOOOOOL!!!!! very good.) we'll cut some more tomorrow and I'll post some pictures for you. but other than that today was pretty normal. well Jonny wants to boot me off of the computer, so I had better go, perhaps something interesting will happen tomorrow.
Oh I almost forgot, Jonny wont be coming to church on Sunday because he is going to my brother Ryan's house in Canada for a month to study a real estate program with Ryan. just thought I'd let you know. Talk to ya' later.

-Graydon L

Highlight #21

Hey y'all, It was a little bit of an average day, we played Monopoly again last night, no prizes for the one who guesses who won that game (who wins every game with anything to do with money or war). Get this, Jonny and I started playing without mom, and she decided to hop in when more than half the property was already gone, and she STILL WON!!!! (why me?, why?... why?...sob) But seriously, (sniff-) I don't know how she does it! It's amazing.
Well, I don't know about you, But I'm looking forward to the release "Prince Caspian" on May 16th. I've heard rumors concerning a supposed "night raid" of Miraz's castle, I'll be OK with a slight addition to the original book, but if it significantly changes the story I think I'll be pretty disappointed with it. I mean, I can put up with a little Hollywoodization (if that's a word), but altering a classic story, in any large way, is unacceptable for me. Aside from the negative rumors, I hear it's going to be a VERY visually stunning, the Telmarines look WICKED COOL! Reapacheep's sword was designed beautifully, everything is very artistically detailed, and of course, the graphics are Fantastic. Only about 4 months till the release!
Well, I have to go, but be sure, if I hear anything more about the release of PC, I'll make sure to pass it on to you. I'll write again tomorrow.

-Graydon L

P.S. in case you havn't seen the trailer yet, here the link to IMBD.com

P.P.S. This post is a big landmark for me. This Post marks the longest I've had a blog up and running (number of posts-wise). My last blog, GL's journal, has only 20 posts whereas this blog now has 21! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! (yay, throw the confetti, break out the noise makers!)

Highlight #20

Hey y'all, Jonny fixed his Airsoft Gun! It turns out that two wires weren't touching one another, well... here I 'll just show you the pictures.

This is his gun all taken apart, next to the red circle it says "here is the problem"

This is a close up of the internals of his gun, next to the red circle it says "here is the Problem"

This is a close up of the stock and Battery, next to the red circle it says "here is the Problem"

This is a Really close up of the problem, these wires get crammed inside the stock along with the Battery. Here's an explanation of the problem:

Wire "A" is one of two wires connected to the Gun's battery (we'll call the other wire connected to the Battery "C") Wire "B" is one of two wires connected to the internals of the gun (the is other wire connected to the internals is actually Wire "C", also mentioned above) As you can see, Wire A and wire B are not touching, in order for the electrical current to be complete, these two wires need to be connected together and taped in that position. they were taped together originally but somehow they got worked loose and stopped the flow of electricity, thus making the gun not shoot. I know the pictures aren't that good but that's because I had to edit them using paint and paint kinda' messes up the pictures.
Well, that's a load off of both Jonny and me, I'm sure glad he fixed it. Well, I have to go, I have to get going on my school work, as you can tell, I'm kinda' shirking my responsibility right now, but I was just so excited I had to post about it right away. Anyway, I gotta go, I'll post some again either later on today, or tomorrow night. See ya'

-Graydon L

Highlight #19

Hey y'all, I hope you've taken a look at all my new JavaScript and HTML code stuff, I found all of the fancifications (if that's a word) on Dynamic Drive.com and JavaScript Kit.com. they're great sites if you want to add flair and pizazz to you blog or site, I love 'em both.

I don't know if you watched the football game today (NY Giants vs. GB packers), I heard that NY won it in overtime but now they have to play the NE Patriots two weeks from now in the super bowl, Now if the SB is going to be anything like the Giants-Patriots game at the end of the regular season, the Giants are going to get CREAMED! the Patriots have a very good team and they're patient. They're OK with waiting till their opponent gets tired out, then they turn on the "charm" and slaughter the other team. If I was to bet on this game, I would put an awful lot on New England. I can't wait for the big game, I really don't have favorite team between the two opponents; It would be cool to see a team break a major record by being the first team to win an entire 16 game season and win the super bowl, but At the same time I want to see the Giants take revenge on the Patriots for their defeat a few weeks back. So I guess I'll root for whoever wins the game (heh heh...).
Well, I guess I should stop talking your head off, I love talking about Football. See (um...see?) you later!

-Graydon L

P.S. Josh came to church today, he says he has somewhat constant pain, but the antibiotics he's on take care of most of it. He'll be back to his normal self in a couple weeks but until then he has to take it easy. I hope he gets better soon.

Highlight #18

Hey y'all, I just got an email from Sam, he has a new blog up; My musings on life, It's kinda cool, I like the template he has used, I wouldn't use it but it fits his blog quite nicely. Just wanted to lay that out for everyone to see, just be sure to go there, it's really funny. Hopefully He'll keep it up longer than he did the "Young Family Farm" blog.

I just finished playing "Lord of the rings Monopoly" with Mom and Jonny, Jonny went down first, slaughtered by the merciless cruelty only mothers can dish out, I went under next, desolated by the constant swipes and slashes at my personal wealth. as you have probably gathered, Mom won. Believe it or not, She wins EVERY game that includes money or war; Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, Risk, Masterpiece (an art auction game), Yahtzee...OK, so Yahtzee doesn't include money or war but she wins EVERY TIME! and she doesn't even care if she wins or not! she always says "it doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you play the game"yeah, well it's easy to say that when you whip us at every game on the planet without even trying" (sheesh) . Actually, she can't whip us at every game on the planet, I am the current record holder, in both single-round and whole-game, in Wordigo. In case you haven't heard of Wordigo, it's sort of in-between crossword puzzles and Scrabble. I know I shouldn't be prideful but it's hard not to when you have only one bragging right. well I guess I should get off of my soapbox, Jonny wants to go outside (what!...In January!?!?) or something, perhaps I should oblige him just this once. Maybe we'll play Frisbee or something. Talk to ya' later!

-Graydon L

P.S. Jonny's airsoft gun is acting up again, it has done this once before, but that was just a blown fuse, but his time it really looks bad, he thinks it might be his Celluloid. We have concluded it is probably electrical because mechanical difficulties usually make noise, but it' just doing nothing, no noise, no vibration, no anything. If you have any suggestions as to what the problem might be and how to fix it, please leave a comment on this post, we're kinda worried about it. thanks

Highlight #17

Hey y'all, We went on our regular Friday shopping excursion today, normally we get groceries at WINCO foods but today we went to Fred Mayer's and Costco instead. I got some jeans and AAA batteries for my mp3 player. as you can tell, my life is really exciting (that would be sarcasm... duh). well, you know, since I really don't have anything to talk about anymore, I guess I'll let you go, I'll write again soon.

-Graydon L

P.S. As it turns out Tim Hawkins isn't going to the Christian Heritage Conference, he's going to the Northwest Christian Educator's Conference. Close, but no comedian (if I may butcher the saying) To bad, I would really had liked to see him live.

Highlight #16

Hey y'all, about the same happened today as yesterday (nothin'). I hope you took a look at all the comedians names (Highlight #15) they are really funny. Jonny and I made an elevator out of K'nex today, It's not much, we each made different models, I might put pictures up later but I don't really feel up to it right now, I think I might go read a Horacio Alger novel, they're actually pretty cool, I read one last night but I can't remember the title. well I think I should go start on that novel, some of them are pretty thick, and If I want to finish tonight I should get going... See ya' later!

-Graydon L

Highlight #15

Hey y'all, Not much to report, We may be going to a see some guy talk about health food, I'm not really interested that much, I mean, sure he may be a great speaker, but I'm kinda tired... I really don't feel like going to see him. anyway, that's pretty much all there is today, Oh-yeah, we did some experiments with oranges and candles, if you go through this link ( this one) you can watch Robert Krampf perform this experiment. well I gotta go, Mom said I have to read a book while she's gone, See ya' later!

-Graydon L

Highlight #14

Hey y'all, nothin' big today; did my school, wrapped the books, clipped my nails, cracked my knuckles... as you can see, a reeeeaaaaal exciting day. But seriously, I'm pretty much OK with that ya' know, I like things the way they are, sort of. Although, we did just listen to a teleconference interview with some guy who buys, refurbishes, and sells (or rents) houses, kind of cool, I might want to get into that. Oh-yeah! I found some cool videos on youtube featuring clean (and sometimes Christian) comedians, Most of you probably already saw that one video with John Branyan, If you type in (in the youtube search bar) "Jeff Allen", Joby Saad Ice Cream", "Daren Streblow", "John Branyan", "Scott Wood", "Tim Hawkins","Bob Nelson","Tayler Mason",or "Ron Pearson" you'll find some really funny, clean comedian videos. Of course, be wary when searching on youtube, some things aren't so "family friendly" don't be stupid, be careful. well, just wanted to fill you in on my findings, I heard that Tim Hawkins is coming to the Christian Heritage Conference this year, Just a rumor, but Ya' never know. So I guess I'd better be going, Talk (er...write) to ya' later!

-Graydon L

Highlight #13

Hey y'all, Nothing extraordinary to report today, We cleaned my camo hat today, it got plastered with pink paint from the muzzle of Paul A (who was on my team, by the way) what happened was Paul and I were hiding behind a large bush, he was standing (and shooting) and I was kneeling in front of him (can you see what's coming yet?) I stood up, he kept shooting, SPLAT!!! "Paul! whatcha' do that for!?!?! Oh, sick, Oh, man! OH-come on!! Thanks "Buddy" oh Man, sick!!!" (that's me) "heh, heh, oops-sorry"(that's Paul) "you stand in front of ME now. Paul? hey-where'd you go? Paul? Paul?" (that's me, alone) anyway, that's what I remember happened, It may be a little exaggerated, but that's about the gist of it. So all that to say, My hat is clean again (yaaaaay!!!!). We went to the Babcook's house and played some board games for a while, I don't know if you've heard, but their house was one of ten houses that were broken into a few days back, the thieves broke a sliding door, and stole a few hundred dollars, but I think that was about it. While we were at their house we started talking about how they could protect themselves; guard dogs, motion sensors, alarms, that sort of thing, I suggested getting a cat because there are two things that really spook a burglar: hearing a shotgun being cocked behind them, and, stepping on a cat. think about it, your sneaking around with a big sack, when all of a sudden, "MROOOOWWWWWWWR!!!!!!!! HIIIISSSSSS!!! MROWR!!!!!!, now I don't know about you guys, but that would scare at least 20 years off my life, if not, more. like I say, nothing spooks a burglar like stepping on a cat.

-Graydon L

Highlight #12

Hey y'all, Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I was pretty busy the whole day. First We has the Airsoft battle (very fun, I ruled the field) then after that we went to see Josh in the Hospital; He looked pretty good, Jonny played a game of reversi with him (actually, Jonny won!) but still he's not quite himself yet. Apparently he was supposed to come home today, but I heard that he came down with another fever this morning, just a rumor but, ya' never know. anyway, after visiting Josh we got home at about 8:30 watched a movie and hit the sack around 11, boy was I tired. well Jonny wants the computer for something or another, I'll write again tomorrow (hopefully)

-Graydon L

P.S. if you have any updates on Josh, just fling me an email. :-)

Highlight #11

Hey y'all, I just got off the phone with Jonathan P, he's looking at buying an airsoft gun, and Jonny and I were helping him pick one out. He's thinking about an M4 or an M16. perhaps M4 because no one in the group has one, or an M16 because he will be able to fit a large battery into it. anyway he probably won't buy either till a few weeks from now. A little update on Josh Y, apparently what was a kidney infection became some sort of kinked intestinal tract or something, well whatever it is, he was hospitalised and went in for surgery at about 5 PM (I think) No word on how he's doing yet, So consequently, the Airsoft battle scheduled for Saturday at the Young's house is canceled (Duuuuhhhhhhh) So to cap it all up, pray for Josh and just be patient, the battle is coming up a few weeks from now.

-Graydon L

Highlight #10

Hey y'all, If you're wondering how Dan did last night; he lost, he came in second to a VERY lucky woman, honestly, not to be descriminatory, but she was no where near how smart Dan was. I think Dan's mind wasn't on the game, aperantly his wife was expecting a baby on wensday, so he could have been thinking about that.
Last night Mom finished sewing some patches on my new Air Force patrol cap, It looks WICKED cool! I just heard from Sam that Josh has a kidney infection and is only got one hour of sleep last night because he was throwing-up to much. One more thing, Josh's new gun is acting up; aparently they loaded it up and took it outside to test it and it fired a couple shots and then started jamming up and making a loud whining noise.(?????) Boy, I'll bet josh feels horible, he's sick, he probably can't play in the Battle on Saturday, his gun is broken...ect, ect, ect. poor kid hope he gets better soon. Well I gotta go, talk (er...write) to ya' later!

-Graydon L

Highlight #9

Hey y'all, Jonny and I just finished making a... er... it's actually a secret but I'm sure it will be the talk of the town when everyone sees it on Saturday at the airsoft battle. Oh Yeah, another thing, there is a guy on Jeopardy named Dan (I can't remember his last name) who has won a total of 9 games in a row! he has the makings of another Ken Jennings. In case you don't know who that is, Ken Jennings was the guy who won over 70 consecutive games on Jeopardy, That's almost 3 months of TV appearances in a row! anyway Dad and I are rooting for Dan, we like a good champion to cheer for, otherwise it's kinda' boring to watch (sort of). Well I gotta go, If you want to watch the amazingly smart Dan, Jeopardy is on at 7:30 PM on channel 4, I can't wait! talk to ya' later.

-Graydon L

Highlight #8

Hey y'all, I have bad news, today we decided to put beanie down, she was old (98 in dog years), she had cancer, heart trouble, she coughed constantly, wasn't spayed and she had bladder problems so she "went" all over anything soft (last week it was my nephew's diaper-bag, last night my dad's shirt). I know it's sad, I miss her already but I guess It's the best thing to do :-(
well I have to go, Jonny and I are working on a surprise for the airsoft battle on Saturday, See ya'

-Graydon L

Highlight #7

Hey y'all, I feel a bit tired today, I went over to the Young's house to help Sam and Josh build some bunkers and stuff for Saturdays battle, We put two small forts on one side of their field, one larger fort on the other side and two medium forts in the middle. just a note, there's going to be a total of 12 people coming to the battle! Sam, Josh and Mr. Young, the Wilson boys are coming, the Pollocks, Matt, Jonny and I, Josh Ng and Paul Allen is planing on participating as well. I can't wait for Saturday to come, The Young's are (hopefully) getting their guns of Tuesday. See you all there!

-Graydon L

P.S. hoping to start around 10 Am, so leave early!

Highlight #6

Hey ya'll, just finished watching the Seahawks game, Hawks: 35 Redskins: 14. the hawks owned the 1st quarter and pushed the score up to 13-0 but in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, the skins got two touchdowns for 13-14. then in the 4th quarter, Seattle scored a touchdown/conversion for a score of 21-14. they then scored two more touchdowns, one on an interception, for the final score of 35-14. very good game, fun to watch, the 12th man was definitely annoying the redskins. Oh yeah, got an email from Sam, there's an airsoft battle scheduled for next Saturday the 12th at the Young's, probably the same group as last time, I can't wait!

-Graydon L

Highlight #5

Hey y'all, we just finished taking down all the Christmas stuff we had set up, I know it's a bit late but hey, who doesn't procrastinate? My dad got the game "Clue" for Christmas; he had it as a kid so he really wanted it. It's actually kinda' fun, you have to use logical reasoning to solve a crime, and With enough people playing, it gets really hard. anyway, Jonny and I made a digital version to be played over email but we still have a few kinks to be worked out. Well that's all for today, I think I will go and listen to the Wolf while playing Lego or something, see y'all later!

-Graydon L

Highlight #4

Hey y'all, Well I don't know about you guys but I am tired, Staying up until 12 is taxing on my nervous system. My new years resolution is to not stay up 'till 12 on new years, unfortunately I can't exercise it until December 31st next year.
We had the booy family over for dinner and of course they ended up staying till midnight, not that's a bad thing, I really enjoyed it. We played dutch blitz, that's a fun game!
There is one thing that I reeeeeaaaaaally don't like about New Years: fireworks. Some -bleeeeep-ing people believe that for some stupid reason, they have to shoot off fireworks on new years. This is really annoying to me, I mean if you're going to shoot off fireworks, then shoot them off near my house so I can see them explode for goodness sake! how inconsiderate of them! anyway, I had a great time over new years eve, I hope you did too, welcome to 2008!

-Graydon L

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