How to Download and Install Adblock Plus

OK, so I just got the idea for this video and I'd thought it might be fun. If you are not using Mozilla's Firefox browser you need to! There are a million-and-one awesome ad-ons that Mozilla offers as downloads that can really enhance your browsing experience. I used to like Google Chrome, but I've spruced up Firefox so much I can't stand Chrome now :)

Other ad-ons I use are:

Aviary (screen capture and image editing)
Colorful Tabs (makes your tabs different colors so they're easier to distinguish)
Fission (progress bar is inside the address bar Safari style)
Personas for Firefox (allows you to change the "skin" of your browser in only two clicks)

And there a thousands more that you can download! From asthetics to spyware-blocking, if you want it, there's an add-on for it! Check out the directory here.

-Graydon L


Sophia said...

Lol, great video, hilarious beginning!

Graydon L said...


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