Atheism. It makes perfect sense

-Graydon L


Sarah said...

That's rich! Where did you find it?

Sophia said...


Graydon L said...

I got it through Daniel Gardner on FB

Stephanie said...

Wow! I love that! That's exactly my kind of humor and sarcasm.


P.S. My new blog on blogger:

Anonymous said...

Dude, that's like totally not right! Don't make fun of Atheism!

Graydon L said...

I'm not making fun of it, I'm saying it like it is.

And quite frankly, I wouldn't have many scrouples about making fun of it at all. It's the reason for all the school shootings and such, and someone needs to expose it for what it really is; a twisted cult based on false science that throws out inconvienient evidence to further it's purposes and win more converts.

I am against it and every other form of humanistic, man-glorifying philosophy.

I know I sound very harsh here, but I feel very strongly about this issue and I will not stop saying what I believe about it.

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