LEGO Transformer: Swerve

OK, so I'm sure you thought that the LEGO Transformers that I last posted about were pretty cool, but this one blows those two out of the water!

I built the first version yesterday and late last night, but he looked rather... fat... to say the least. So I made several modifications and basically slid the belly fat up and made it into a chest (I guess he started working out!), added some guns, moved the head lower down on the body, and jacked up the wheels to give it more clearance when driving in it's car mode.

Another one of my goals was to copy another robot from somewhere else to test my skills at building with LEGOs. I would've copied from the movies, but good detail videos were hard to find and there were plenty on Youtube of other ones, so that's what I went with.

Here's my favorite, and the one I did most of my 'research' from. It's one of a series of ads for a German made car called the Citroen C4.

Pretty funny, huh?

And now, some pictures of the Robot in it's car-mode.

I named it 'Swerve' because (according to the all-wise name generator on Facebook) that's my transformer name :)

A (blurry) close up of the seats and roll bars.

From the front, with a good view of the steering wheel!

It's riding so low because it's on carpet, on a hard surface it's got about a quarter inch of clearance.

$0 down! 0% financing! Pay $0 for 6 months! Or lease one now for only $599/month!

And now it transforms!

It stands up on it's own!

I like this one, it makes his head look cooler!

Have a piece of THIS!

Swerve wants YOU for the Autobot Army!

-Graydon L


Sophia said...

Those are awesome, my brother is watching them and loving 'em.

By the way, thanks for the idea, so you're the first to see my blog :)

Graydon L said...

Awesome! Would you like me to "advertise" for you on my FB wall and on my blog?

Sophia said...

Lol, that would be cool, but I don't really have anything up yet...I think I'll spend all evening making it look awesome :P

Graydon L said...

OK, I'll wait a couple of days then. Sound like a plan?

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