My 300th post and other things

Hey everybody! Whattup?

It's been quite a while since I've posted and quite frankly, you can blame Facebook for that :)
I used to have a life, but Facebook ate it - Unknown

Anyway, just a couple of general updates, I've added another song to my Playlist (OK so I added a lot of songs, but just one in particular) called "Trigger Happy" by Weird Al Yankovic. I think it's hilarious, and chances are you will too!

Also, as you may have noticed, this is my 300th post! Yay, let's party, bring out the confetti... that was fun. I'll be done now.

Aaaand, something else I'm really jazzed about is this wicked new site called On this site you can upload a picture of yourself and then look through the years at how you would look from 1950-2000

Here's a Picassa album of my Yearbook pictures from Yearbook Yourself. Hope you like 'em!

-Graydon L

PS I hope y'all like my new Profile Pic!


sarahplainandtall said...


Amazing hairstyles! I am impressed with your hair sculpting talent!

-Sarah H.

Graydon L said...

They're pretty funny aren't they!

Sophia said...

Oh my word, some of those are just weird (I blame the 70's hairstyles)!

What a funny website!

David said...

I love the Weird Al song!!! I think that is Josh Ngs theme song for airsoft : )

Graydon L said...

"Trigger happy, trigger happy everyday!" (shoot to kill now, shoot to kill) :-D

Sophia said...

Oh, I didn't notice your playlist; you added one of my favorite Switchfoot songs!

I love that Weird Al one too, it's in my top five :)

Graydon L said...

Yup, it's down there! You can get your own playlist at

Josh Ng said...

David your right thats
my theem song alright

Josh Ng

Holston Family said...


Sarah showed me your various high-school poses and I must admit I haven't laughed so hard for so long. What's embarrassing is that I remember some of those hairstyles............YUCK!

My kids have picked out the one that looks the most like you, which is the top right with glasses.

~Mrs. Holston

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