Math can prove you wrong...

A while ago, Dad and I were listening to the Michael Savage show on the way home from the gym. I didn't hear the whole thing, but I managed to pick up the subject.

Apparently, there was some group of activists who wanted the story of Wally "Famous" Amos to replace that of Albert Einstien and Thomas Edison in the history text books used by the public schools.

Now, I don't know if you have any clue who "Famous" Amos is, but I soon found out the reason this group wanted a cookie salesman to replace two of the greatest scientists in history. It's really quite simple...

..."Famous" Amos was black.

So a black cookie salesman is greater than Einstien and Edison!?!?! I'm sorry, black or white doesn't matter, you can't say a cookie salesman is greater than the man who completely reinvented physics and the man who invented the light bulb!!!!


...back to my story.

Soon a lady called into the show to state the apparent fact that "Famous" Amos really WAS greater than both Einstien and Edison. Of course, Savage chewed her out like crazy and made her look like the idiot she was (pardon my language) and sent her packing.

But afterwards, I got thinking about it and I realized... I could prove this idea false quite easily... using only Math.

So I did. Here's how.

First off, we know that the 'white man' is equal in intelligence etc., to the 'black man'. there is no "evolutionary" difference between the two. We all know this is true (or at lease claim it) and to deny it is the epitome of racism! You heard me! Saying a black man is greater than a white man is racist!!!

but I digress...

So if the equation white man = black man is true then the two can be substituted for each other in equations, right? Right! It's called the substitution property (or substitution property of inequality), and it works no matter what. So let's do that. Let's substitute 'black' for 'white' and 'white' for 'black' in the following inequality:

black cookie salesman > white scientist becomes white cookie salesman > black scientist

I don't know about you, but I doubt that activist group would support replacing George Washington Carver (black scientist) with F. Ross Johnson (former CEO of Nabisco and technically a cookie salesman) in the history books.

-Graydon L


Stephanie said...

I completely agree with the point you're making! I personally don't care what color anybody is; although if they were purple with pink polka dots or any other unnatural color I might be a little concerned. :)

And a trying to replace the man who invented the light bulb with a COOKIE SALESMAN??! Just because he's black?! How laughable... you CAN NOT replace Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein! Just not possible...


Graydon L said...

My thoughts exactly. Thanks for the comment!

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