I definitely need to get another hobby

OK, so I created another one. Yes, it's yet another LEGO Transformer! As before I wanted to try new techniques and I did in the end. My goal was to refine the hood-of-the-car-becomes-chest-of-robot system and I did an average job. It kind of left a lot of stuff hanging off the back, but I made it look OK by changing it into a jetpack, which you'll see later.

Well enough talk, time for pictures and video!

As you can see, it would be cooler if it had tinted windows, but it's not exactly possible with LEGO so I had to do without :)

I just added the spoiler this morning. At first it was one piece, but that didn't work, so I split it into two pieces and attached them to the legs.

And now, the transformation video! I sped up the middle because it would've taken far, far to long to do and there was a lot of tedious, small-piece work to do which wasn't very interesting, not to mention impossible to see!

Here are the pics for after the transformation:

Here's the jet pack from above, It's basically just a jet engine with flappy thingies hanging over it.

A close-up of the head. He actually looked a lot better than I expected when I was trying out different designs. This design really makes him look evil!

On the left of this picture you can see the rocket/missile/thing (it's that big roundish black blob under his hand) attached to his lower arm. It actually fires, which was a plus for me!

Well that's all for now, I do have another idea for a different transformation style that is used many times in the movies, but I think I may try to make a jet first :)

-Graydon L


Sophia said...

That's awesome... Do you have as many Legos as you do K'Nex?

Graydon L said...

I actually don't use all my LEGOs when I build my transformers. I've got a massive pile of LEGO and Megablocks mixed (This large pile is mainly old-style bricks and stuff), and I've also got a much smaller, personal pile of pure LEGO that is mostly smaller pieces for more detailed building. It also has a lot of hinges in it, which is a must for transformers!

I got the LEGO for my small pile from one Christmas when I got three sets that were meant to be built into lots of stuff. I don't remember what they were called but there was a yellow submarine set, a red car set, and also a brown/tan/green safari set with lots of awesome ratchet joints.

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