Highlight #39

Hey y'all, nothing big again, but I have to really get cracking on my movie, I have one scene left to film and all the credits and stuff, so, it will be a lot for one day, but I can do it. actually I have two days, tommorow and tuesday, but still... quite a bit of stuff.

Well, I wish I had more stuff happen to me, my life is so drab... nothing blog-worthy ever happens to me.

Actually, I do have one thing to say: if I have told you anyting other that what I'm going to say right now, I'm sorry for the confusion but, I wasn't sure about it anymore than you were. Basicaly, We're leving to pick up Jonny (who is in Canada right now) on wednsday, and our flight to Pittsburg Penn. leaves at 10 PM, and last but not least, we're coming back on Saturday the 23rd of february. So if you have any conflicting messages, forget about them--they are not acurate. :-)

-Graydon L

I hope everyone has started working on their story for the 100th post contest. you still have time, but you'd better get some ideas flowin'!

Please email your story, as well as your name to: GLhighlights100@yahoo.com


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