Highlight #48

Hey y'all, today we got to see the Smithsonian Air and Space museum, the Capitol building, and the national archives, as before, I'll knock 'em all off in order. We awoke yesterday at around 8:00 AM, went downstairs to enjoy a short breakfast, packed up and headed out for the capitol building. Unfortunately, we had to get tickets to tour the building, we did get them, but we had to wait until 2:45 before our tour started. So, we headed off to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum to kill some time before we trecked back up the hill. The Space museum is very cool, you could easily spend 3-4 hours there just walking around aimlessly. At 11:55 AM we went in an IMAX theater at the museum and saw a 3D video about the ISS (International Space Station). I saw the origional Apollo 11 capsule, Bell X-1, Write flier, Mercury Frendship VII, Geminy something-or-other (I can't remember which), and an actual training missile used by the US military. very cool, worth seeing. when we finished touring the Air museum, we rushed back to the Capitol Building to get going on our tour. I liked it, but it's not as cool as the Space museum, or the National Archives (which I'll get to later). It's hard to tell you everything about capitol hill, but I'll just say, if you ever go to DC, dont' miss that tour, it's worth you time. The one thing I didn't like was all the security checkpoints, they're everywhere! It's like every 100 feet you have to take off your belt, jacket, and handbag, not your shoes, they're OK, but still... quite anoying. Next up, the National Archives: I enjoyed it greatly, but it's so sad to see the Declaration of Independance in the state it's in. The ink has faded so much, you litteraly CAN'T read it! I wish it wasn't that way but when a document is 232 years old, you can't really hope for it to stay in good condition. Like I said, I'll try and get pics up when I get back.

Well, I really gotta go, we're watching Barack Obama make a speech in Houston Texas... don't worry, we haven't gone Democrat yet, we're just watching so we can see who won which primaries. Part of it is that, part of it is just so we can say " That's rediculous! You can't do that! You'll ruin the economy!" and "HA HA HA, that's actually funny! I'd like to see his face when he tries that! HA HA" ... not really, we haven't laughed at him yet, but I'm sure we will be soon :-)
So, anyway, I need to get ready for bed, I think I'll check out Sam's blog before I hit the sack. See ya', I'll post some more tommorow (hopefully)!

-Graydon L

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