Highlight #44

Hey y'all, I am Tired! Allow me to comunicate to you my hectic traveling life: It's thursday morning and I'm trying to upload Accidential Inventions, make my bed, clean my room, pack my suitcase, clean the house, help Jonny get all of his stuff done (he was sick, remember), clean out the car, check my email, publish blogger comments, convince Dad to let me bring the laptop (the one I'm typing on now, need I say my plea-barganing worked) an finaly, load all the luggage into the car and still keep everyone semi-happy. whew! So finaly we arrive at the airport, squeeze through security, and find our gate. Oh-yeah, I forgot to tell you, our flight was schedualed to leave at 10PM... have you ever flown eastward on a 4 and 1/2 hour flight starting at 10pm? Isn't fun. our flight lands in detroit, and we wait another hour and 1/2 to pick up our conection to Pittsburgh. we land at 8AM (5AM seattle time), have breakfast in the hotel lobby, and decide to go for a swim in the pool. so, I havn't slept properly ( I took a 30 minute cat-nap today and on the plane) in the last 25 hours... yawn!

Well, I have to go the bed (for reasons already mentioned) and get some mush needed sleep. I'll try to post the pictures I took fomt he air plane of sunrise over Detroit from 30,000 feet. :-)
See Ya'

-Graydon L

I hope everyone has started working on their story for the 100th post contest. You still have time, but you'd better get some ideas flowin'!

Please email your story, as well as your name to: GLhighlights100@yahoo.com


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