Highlight #45

Hey y'all, We went to my cousin Randy's wedding today, it was okay... like I predicted. The reception was more fun, they only served chinese food because Randy lived in china and singapore for the last few years. Anyway, only chinese food was served... and the only "cutlery" were chop-sticks. I am OK with chop-sticks, but Dad brought a fork from our hotel and I almost sod it to my uncle Larry for 10 bucks, but at the end of the reception he gave me five bucks anyway :-)

As you recall I said I would try to post pictures of the flight today... noticed how I said "try"... well I can't quite post them right now because my mom forgot to bring her camera cable and reader/writer so I guess I just have to put them up when I get back, Sorry about that. I'll be more carefull when I promise stuff like that.

Hey! Check this out! this is a doctor 0:-) this is a cyclops O-) this is a bucktoothed guy :-B this guy is tounge-tied :-& this guy is winking: ;-) this guy is MAD >:-( this guy is extatic <:-D this guy is guy is money-crazy $-) this guy is a nerd with glasses 8-) this guy is oohing and ahing :-o this guy has a monicle ?-) this is a bird opening it's mouth :<> this guy has futuristic sunglasses I-) this guy has just plain sunglasses B-) this is a Japanese cartoon character =^) here's my favorite... the bucktoothed nerd with glasses 8-B dosn't he look nerdy?!?!?! totaly hillarious! hey, if you know an emoticon that I missed, comment and show me your favorite, I love looking at new ones.

well, I gotta go, I think I'll check my email before hitting the sack, See ya'

-Graydon L

I hope everyone has started working on their story for the 100th post contest. You still have time, but you'd better get some ideas flowin'!

Please email your story, as well as your name to: GLhighlights100@yahoo.com


David P. said...

I love your emoticons!!! Absolutely hilarious!!!

Graydon L said...

Thanks! I have seen some of them before in computor books and stuff, but I had to make some up, like the bird :<> enjoy!

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