Highlight #41

Hey y'all, here I am again, and I'm afraid I have bad news. I can't upload Accidential Inventions today, partly because, as you can see, I am writing this at 11:30 PM. To further complicate things, I am writing this on my brother's laptop, sitting is a hard-bottomed foldable chair. I look forward to uploading AI tommorrow or on thursday, if it doesn't happen on either of those two days, it's no going to happen till february 24th or later, so, I'll try to get going. It's not that the video isn't finished yet, I was done on monday, but I have been really busy what with our trip to Pittsburg, picking up Jonny, and still getting enough sleep at night, I really haven't had time to sit down and get the vid up on the blogosphere. So, just bear with me on this, it's coming, just not yet.

Well, In case you haven't heard yet (which I think you havn't) I solved Sam's genius of the week puzzle (with some help from Sam himself) and got the correct answer. however, I can't disclose that yet because, I left a comment on the post (which contaned the puzzle) which basicaly said: Here's the answer, I know I'm right. thanks, here you go :-). But, Sam did not publish it, so I suspect he doesn't want everyone else to see the answer just yet... Sorry, but wild horses couldn't drag this one out of me. Tough.

well, In case you havn't noticed, I probably need to get some sleep, so I'll bid you goodbye, and say goodnight. See ya'!

-Graydon L (11:30 PM 2-12-08)

As you can see, this is Highlight #41, and yet, the post before this one (which contains Accidental Inventions) is Highlight #42. this is because I wrote #42, first (but I didn't call it that) and then started uploading AI. BUT, because AI is so long, It wouldn't upload, so I wrote #41 and published it. then I split AI into two segments, and uploaded it to #42 expecting it to come after #41. unfortunately It didn't and now you have a headache to boot. if you don't quite get it, tell me and I'll try to clarify. thanks :-)

-Graydon L (11:45 AM 2-14-08)

I hope everyone has started working on their story for the 100th post contest. You still have time, but you'd better get some ideas flowin'!

Please email your story, as well as your name to: GLhighlights100@yahoo.com


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