Highlight #52

Hey y'all, Have I got a story for YOU! You probably wont believe me, after all, it's quite the far-fetched tale... here it is:

My story starts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at about 6:00 AM, I had just got up and was packing to catch our flight to Minneapolis. after arriving in Minnesota at around 11:30 AM (Pittsburgh/EST time)and we got on a plane that was supposed to arrive in Misoula, Montana at around 1:30 PM. BUT, can you see what's coming? the plane had fuel-pump problems and the pilot decided to take the plane back to the gate. All the Passengers had to get off, including us. Usually that wouldn't be a big deal, but we had to make a connection in Misoula that would take us home to the Seattle airport, but because of the delay, we were definitely going to miss it, So an Airline employee booked us a flight to Las Vegas, then from Vegas to Seattle. That would be fine! except for one thing: MORE engine trouble! the second plane we get on has to empty all it's passengers off, and we have to get on yet another plane to Las Vegas! Finally we get on a plane that actually works, and we arrive in Las Vegas at around 6:00PM (Pacific time) just in time for a connection that was supposed to leave at 5PM, an hour earlier... crazy. anyway, we get into Seattle at like, 11PM, and of course, our baggage isn't there, it's in Misoula because it went there while we went to Vegas. We walk around for another half an hour looking for a service desk, finally get a baggage claim in and an official tells us we'll get a call in 24 Hours. We return home, discuraged, anoyed, and lacking Pajamas, toothbrushes, and clean clothes. And to top it all off, we didn't get our bags untill Dad drove to the airport and brought them back for us just an hour before we headed out the door to church. need I say I'm tired? :-)

Thanks for listening, I really needed to tell someone who didn't know, Jonny is kinda tired of hearing it and believe me, he can get pretty cranky! ;-) pics ar coming, please be patient, there are over 500 of them so I need a little time to sort through 'em and find the ones that can post. hopefully I'll get 'em up soon. See Ya'!

-Graydon L

I hope everyone has started working on their story for the 100th post contest. You still have time, but you'd better get some ideas flowin'!

Please email your story, as well as your name to: GLhighlights100@yahoo.com


Melissa said...

Wow !

Graydon L said...

Yup. We were goin' for quite some time there, need I say, somewhat tiring.

-Graydon :-)

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