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Hey y'all, I hope you've taken a look at all my new JavaScript and HTML code stuff, I found all of the fancifications (if that's a word) on Dynamic Drive.com and JavaScript Kit.com. they're great sites if you want to add flair and pizazz to you blog or site, I love 'em both.

I don't know if you watched the football game today (NY Giants vs. GB packers), I heard that NY won it in overtime but now they have to play the NE Patriots two weeks from now in the super bowl, Now if the SB is going to be anything like the Giants-Patriots game at the end of the regular season, the Giants are going to get CREAMED! the Patriots have a very good team and they're patient. They're OK with waiting till their opponent gets tired out, then they turn on the "charm" and slaughter the other team. If I was to bet on this game, I would put an awful lot on New England. I can't wait for the big game, I really don't have favorite team between the two opponents; It would be cool to see a team break a major record by being the first team to win an entire 16 game season and win the super bowl, but At the same time I want to see the Giants take revenge on the Patriots for their defeat a few weeks back. So I guess I'll root for whoever wins the game (heh heh...).
Well, I guess I should stop talking your head off, I love talking about Football. See (um...see?) you later!

-Graydon L

P.S. Josh came to church today, he says he has somewhat constant pain, but the antibiotics he's on take care of most of it. He'll be back to his normal self in a couple weeks but until then he has to take it easy. I hope he gets better soon.


Melissa said...

GO GIANTS !!!!! I will never in my living breathing life root for the Patriots.... Go Seahawks too..... next season !

Graydon L said...

Woohooo! Sehawks

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